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Anthurium regale


The Anthurium regale is a beautiful heart-shaped leaf plant. When the plant matures, the leaves can look almost velvety. The silvery veining and the leathery feeling make the Anthurium regale an absolute eyecatcher in your jungle! 


Height incl pot: 50 cm
Leaf size: 18 cm


Please note that the plant on the photo is the exact plan you will receive. The decorative pot is for the photos only and therefore excluded. 

Anthurium regale - a beautiful plant

The Anthurium regale is one of a kind. Large, heart-shaped leaves, a little velvet or almost leathery touch and amazing white veining - what else do you need?


Origin of the Anthurium regale

The Anthurium regale is a spectacular plant that was discovered around 1888. It is part of the Aracaea family. Even though there are a lot of Anthurium regales to be seen in Columbia and Ecuador, the origin is most probably related to Peru. Peru has a semi-arid, subtropical desert climate and that is why the Anthurium regale loves a high humidity. 


Care of the Anthurium regale


We prefer an airy and chunky soil for our Anthuriums. If you choose an organic and well-drained soil mixed with perlite and bark, the Anthurium plants will love life and root rot will not happen very quickly. 


Keep the soil damp, but avoid overwatering at all times! Anthuriums do not like wet feet, but under-watering is also not a great idea with these kind of plant. In our office, we water our plants every week. Please make sure the water is not too cold, as this can shock the rooting system. 


Aim for a humidity above 50%. The higher the better, but we acclimatise our plants to living room conditions, so the plants you buy from us will be happy in your home as well. 


This beautiful plant needs bright indirect light to keep it growing well. We use LED lights with 20W and 6400K (2400lm). 


Keep the temperature between 16°C and 27°C. Make sure to avoid freezing weather.

What to do when you received your plant?

Shipping is a very stressful process for plants and we recommend to let your plant rest for at least a week after arrival. The plant needs to adjust to its new environment and immediate repotting is therefore not recommended! Once the plant is acclimated, you can repot it if wanted. We only advise to repot the plant if it is root-bound.