Hi and welcome to our brand new website!


We are Felice & Yvon, owners of Het Plantenpandje. As you might expect, we love plants. We have a large collection of (uncommon) plants at home and the collection has been growing a lot in the last couple of years. 


We love to share our passion, our knowledge and help our customers creating their own urban jungle at home!

We are currently very busy to move all our plants to the new location. We have found ourselves a very cool office at De Stadstuin in Utrecht.


We are renovating, propagating and finalising everything to make our new shop ready for you! We are creating a cool office space where we can grow - both our plants and our business.


A place where we can be productive, expand our webshop and also have a nice place where customers can easily visit us!

Want to visit our brand new store? 


Please send us an email or a message through Instagram to make an appointment! In the near future, we will also be open to public once a month. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for more updates.


When will we see you?