The beginning

The Seedling Stage. With a burst of enthusiasm and a dash of botanical passion, we breathed life into Het Plantenpandje. We started a physical shop in the centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The old building added its own character, giving the shop a unique charm that drew plant lovers from all corners.


Cultivating change as seasons changed, so did circumstances. The world was painted with uncertainty due to the arrival of the Covid pandemic. Het Plantenpandje adjusted its roots, branching out into the digital realm with a webshop to bring the green goodness to doorsteps far and wide.


Juggling the shop and other responsibilities was like tending to a garden that demanded constant care. So, with a mixture of nostalgia and excitement, we decided to transplant Het Plantenpandje into the online realm fully. But the doors remained open in a different way – a virtual open-door policy where plant enthusiasts could still visit during “open house days” and pick out their leafy companions.



A new leaf as life's garden continues to flourish, we are taking a new direction. We have decided to hit pause on selling those rare gems, freeing up space for other dreams to sprout. But worry not, green thumbs! The tools of our trade, the quality products we swear by in our plant adventures, will still find their way to you!



Do you want to know more about our plants, our concept or do you have a question for us? Check our FAQ. Can’t find your question? Do not hesitate to send us a message!