We are Felice and Yvon, the owners of Het Plantenpandje. As you might expect, we love plants! We have a huge collection of (special) plants at home and this collection has been growing a lot over the last couple of years. 


Felice her favorite plant from her own collection is the Anthurium Magnificum, because it just made a beautiful new leaf. Ask her again tomorrow and her answer will probably be different... Her favorite genus is the Scindapsus, although she also loves Anthuriums and Begonia's. As you may guess, it is hard to choose.


Yvon is in love with her variegated Alocasia frydek at the moment. The white velvet gives her a smile on her face every time she sees it. Her Philodendron joepii is also an absolute eye-catcher in her living room! Her cabinet is overflowing with green (and white and yellow) coolness. 


We started the shop to share our passion for plants. We hope to help and enthousiast people to create their own urban jungle at home and be extremely happy with it!


When will you come by?


Love, Felice & Yvon